Caring Family's Logo

The history of the lioness and her cub...

I was at the Holiday Inn for a meeting in 1988 and looked at the gift shop window where an image transfixed me... the life-sized stuffed lioness and her cub. The power and yet gentleness of the two of them struck me so deeply. I had only begun in business, so I went back several times with offers for the two, as they were pricier than I could imagine spending at the time. Around Christmas time, I finally felt I could put off the acquisition no longer, and my offer was accepted.

Little did I know how much the power of the lioness would be needed in the near future which was to bring with it with managed care agencies, federal regulations and corporate takeovers of many medical groups and even hospitals. Trust that we here at CARING FAMILY are up to the task of fiercely defending our independence so that we can treat our patients with the old fashioned intimacy of doctor-patient relationships, free of outside interests. Sure, we will try to be frugal with your health care dollars, but not at the expense of your health.

The drawing done in 1989 was of the stuffed animals. I have seen other images of lioness and cub since. One image by photographer Steve Bloom from England struck me as so similar to the Caring Family, S.C. logo that I decided a facelift of our logo was in order. With the help of the computer and some charcoal pencils... here it is (1999). I hope you feel as comforted by the image as I do.

Todd S. Giese, MD